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Geomancy.cz provides individual and collective guide services for Czech and foreign tourists. We will take you to non-traditional and mysterious sites with amazing history. We specialise in non-mainstream locations outside main tourist centres.

  • As guides, we employ top Czech historians and storytellers as well as experts on landscapes and architecture.
  • We can also arrange access to listed buildings, not accessible to the public.
  • We can help you order additional services such as transportation, stylish accommodation and food.


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Prague, Czech Republic

What is geomancy?

Geomancy is an ancient discipline. Its name is derived from the Greek words geo (earth) and manteia (divination).

Geomancy used to be practiced when choosing suitable places for constructing cities and shrines. In the Czech Republic, the majority of churches and synagogues were built in areas well-selected in terms of geomancy – spots with positive energy for worship.

Modern geomancy, as we understand it, is a science dealing with the impact of landscape and natural forces on humans and the human body and soul. Our bodies can be healed, our energy recharged, our thinking cleared and spiritual experiences may occur, such as expansion of consciousness and encounters with angels or spirits of nature, when visiting places in a magical landscape.

Visiting sacred and magical places often has a strong impact on those lacking any prior spiritual experience. We therefore recommend visiting places with a genius loci in the company of a senior guide who will safely guide you through less accessible places and help you fully enjoy the atmosphere of any such location.

This is why we set up the website www.geomancy.cz and are happy to welcome you here.

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