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Geomancy.cz provides individual and collective guide services for Czech and foreign tourists. We will take you to non-traditional and mysterious sites with amazing history. We specialise in non-mainstream locations outside main tourist centres.

  • As guides, we employ top Czech historians and storytellers as well as experts on landscapes and architecture.
  • We can also arrange access to listed buildings, not accessible to the public.
  • We can help you order additional services such as transportation, stylish accommodation and food.


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Prague, Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is full of secrets
– and we are going to show them to you!

A growing number of tourists and pilgrims are taking interest in for geomancy, i.e. discovering mysterious places in the cities and countryside. Join us to follow the tracks of tales and old legends related not only to Prague, but many other regions in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Are you interested in the genius loci of primeval, medieval and contemporary cultic spots?

Our specialised guides – historians, experts on architecture and mythology and also esoteric practitioners and experts on natural healing powers – will introduce them to you in great detail.

What tourist itineraries do we offer?

Megaliths and other primeval sights

Menhirs and roundels, ancient pagan places of sacrifice, medieval fortifications from the Celtic, Germanic and Slavonic eras – what these places have in common is that they still emit magical energy. The guides from www.geomancy.cz have an intimate knowledge of hundreds of such sacred locations..

.In the footsteps of famous artists

Where were Goethe, Mozart, Richard Wagner and Karl May inspired by the beauty and secrets of the Czech landscape? The guides from www.geomancy.cz will show you which Czech castles, extinct volcanoes and/or other romantic natural scenery were the inspiration for renowned works of European art.

In the footsteps of Czech alchemists

Czech castles and chateaux has preserved a number of references to famous European alchemists and hermeticists who sought to make gold in their laboratories and in their souls. The Czech Renaissance chateaux Kratochvíle and Humprecht were built directly as alchemist residences with the use of esoteric symbolism.

Memories of the Knights Templar

Excursions to the interiors of medieval castles with strong genius loci, such as the romantic ruins of the Templštejn castle or the preserved Templar commendam in Čejkovice in Moravia.

Where were witches to be found?

On the mountain summits of Jeseníky, Krkonoše and České středohoří Sabbaths used to take place, i.e. magic ceremonies designated mostly for women but also knowledgeable men.

Healing sites in the countryside

Springs and curative wells, famous spa parks and also passion sites, including the five-kilometre long Římov pilgrimage route with 25 stops freely scattered through the countryside, sites where you can regain power and life energy.

Meditation sites for groups and individuals

Magic rocks and caves where Celtic druids and then Christian hermits once lived still enable achieving higher states of consciousness during meditation and yoga (e.g. shamanic trance, satori, illumination).

Esoteric architecture

Five Czech Gothic cathedrals, numerous Baroque pilgrimage churches, Ways of the Cross and protective statutes that are among the most well-known in Europe. The Czech builder Santini, for instance, drew inspiration for his unique religious structures from the Baroque cabala.

Sites of great battles

Excursions through areas with scenic views in the Moravian countryside where Napoleon Bonaparte personally led the victorious Battle of Three Emperors at Austerlitz.

Special tourist itineraries upon request